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About Us:

At Westerleigh Coffee Co., we believe that every sip of coffee should be an experience to cherish. That's why we meticulously source the finest coffee beans from around the globe, carefully selecting those that possess the unique qualities and flavours that can truly elevate your coffee experience.

Our ultimate goal is to bring the joy of freshly roasted coffee to everyone, and we are here to guide you on your coffee journey, whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or just starting to explore the world of coffee.

Join us, as we strive to create unforgettable coffee experiences. Let us awaken your senses, transport you to far-off coffee origins, and introduce you to the remarkable world of freshly roasted coffee. Welcome to a world where every cup is a celebration of passion, craftsmanship, and the sheer joy of coffee.


At Westerleigh Coffee Co, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability and reducing our environmental footprint. That's why we've embraced the use of Biotre coffee bags, a eco-friendly packaging solution that aligns with our values. These innovative bags are designed to minimize the environmental impact, employing bio-based materials that are both compostable and biodegradable. By choosing Biotre coffee bags, we not only maintain the freshness and quality of our exceptional coffee beans but also contribute to a healthier planet. Join us in savoring the rich flavors of our coffee while making a positive impact on the globe. At Westerleigh Coffee Co, every sip is a step towards a greener and more sustainable future.

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